Going Reptile – An Experiential Workshop for the Workplace

A collaborative workshop offered by Life Takes Practice™ and Living Fully Human


Imagine a climate of greater engagement – one in which you –

  • enjoy yourself and others more
  • bring more of who you are to work
  • find greater ease and greater ability to listen and appreciate
  • contribute more fully to a high-energy climate of mutual support, creativity, and productivity
  • easily deliver a high level of customer support from a place of authenticity


Might that be a place you would want to work?  Might that be a place others would enjoy working? What would your customers notice?

In this experiential series, we explore what is behind and underneath relating, practice discerning different styles of relating and take a look at how we can create environments that we actually WANT to work and be in.

Which of these folks would you want to work with?

What people are saying…

“This experience shifted my day to day awareness, as it provided: “more compassion for what people may be experiencing.” A. Hamza

“Going Reptile is a workshop to help foster vulnerability and self-reflection. At our business, there is a focus on team building and developing a deeper empathy for our co-workers. [The workshop] gave the employees a space to open up, share more about themselves and learn more about those they work with. The themes and activities are designed to push the participants to consider the sensations and emotions that they are experiencing, beyond the cognitive and cerebral responses. …I liked the opportunity to get to see a different side of my coworkers and understand the people that I work with a little better. I liked understanding the different degrees to which each of the reptile traits manifest and the underlying motivation behind them.”  J. Farinelli 

” …the safety of the group affected my ability to gain the most from my experience. I appreciated the way the space was created: the message of no right or wrong way of experiencing. I also learn[ed] a lot from watching others, participating in this way not only allowed me to have my own internal experience, but it also allowed me to experience externally via others. I also appreciated the way mindfulness was incorporated into the learning. It was skillfully done and, I believe, because of that, I was able to internalize the experience in a deeper way.” L. Vailllancourt

“…this is a great exercise in self-awareness.  It is good to do with people you know, but not well (like co-workers) to get a better insight into how you “play” together.  V. Hadley


Stacy Scheel Hirsch

Martha Hamilton