Values, Identity & Beliefs

A value is something one regards as important, useful, worthwhile or deserving of attention. Your values inform the principles that guide your actions and behaviors throughout your lifetime.


How do we stay connected to what is most important to us in life? If we are committed to growth and we want to evolve into our fullest self-expression what helps us to assess our ever-changing identity? What process do we use to examine our beliefs and let go of those pieces that no longer serve who we are called to become?

In this workshop, we explore our lives and the ways we fill up our days. We examine the places where we easily align and flow and also the places where we feel stuck or out of alignment. The exercises are concrete, explorative and experiential.

Participants walk away with a clearer sense of direction and a desire to more fully align with their values, examine their beliefs and reclaim their identity.

This workshop has been delivered in workplaces, for small groups, and as part of a longer retreat.


Stacy Scheel Hirsch